About Us

SlidesToVideo was born in 2018 as an answer to our question – how do we create something truly extraordinary and still keep it simple? We soon realized that extraordinary and simple do not always contend with each other. In fact, quite often, they are the same – just two sides of the same coin.

SlidesToVideo: Effortlessly Extraordinary

For years, we were aware of the difficulty in creating attractive, professional-quality video presentations. The video-making resources available out there either required extensive learning or were just too complex for swift video creation. SlidesToVideo was borne out of our personal, professional and academic requirement for a high-quality, professional-grade video-maker that’s truly designed for everyone’s use. After having thoroughly enjoyed the speedy, flawless, and hassle-free benefits of SlidesToVideo for months, we bring the advanced version, under continuous improvement, to you.

Our Team

Nils Franzén

Nils is an experienced and accomplished IT professional with 20+ years of expertise in all aspects of Software Development Life Cycle. Nils holds the position of CIO in a tech company in Stockholm.

When Nils is not busy saving the day at the office, he likes to tinker with technology and create savvy solutions that solve everyday problems.

Jonathan Franzén

Jonathan is pursuing his master’s in Computer Science at Uppsala University. In addition to his IT studies, Jonathan works part-time with logistics and processes at a chemical company.

During his free time, Jonathan play online games with friends, travel or just chill.

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